Live music: Split Seconds


When: Saturday, September 8

Where: Ding Dong Lounge, 18 Market Lane, city 

Preview: Mary-Jane Daffy

Sean Pollard is rapt that his North Fitzroy home has a pool. The lead singer of Perth band Split Seconds is sitting at his kitchen table already planning summer pool parties.

He and the four other members of the band recently relocated to Melbourne after a stellar 18 months, during which they were awarded five WAMi awards, including best pop-indie act. The honours came after the release of their first self-titled EP in March last year. 

“It’s super-humbling,” Pollard says of the recognition. “There are so many musicians out there and it’s just really nice when people like your music, because everyone is trying as hard as the next.”

Split Seconds kicked off the launch tour for their debut album You’ll Turn into Me in their home town, Perth, last week. Next stop: Ding Dong Lounge. 

“It’s a considered and cohesive album,” says Pollard. “The EP was very collaborative whereas the album is really a band record. The sound has matured and so have I, lyrically.”

Pollard found stimulation during a hiatus in London and the proof is peppered in the lyrics of the 10 songs on the album. From rollicking escapades on the top of double-decker buses, to more heartfelt softer songs such as Maiden Name, Split Seconds has raised the bar.

“It took a long time to write Maiden Name,” Pollard says of his favourite track. “Musically and lyrically it’s benefited from the time and perseverance. I’m really, really proud of that song.”

If you want to witness one of the most exciting acts to come out of WA in recent times, come along to Split Seconds’ set at Ding Dong. Who knows, you might even score an invitation to a pool party.

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