MSFW Designer Series #2: Lashings of Lace

Yesterday was National Lace Appreciation Day. At least, that's the impression attendees of MSFW Designer Series Runway #2 might have received.

The holey fabric made a big impact on the catwalk last night, presented in the form of chic citrus-shaded gowns at Thurley and at Yeojin Bae's new second line, Yeojin Bae J'Aime. The latter collection also featured lace (or at least a look-alike devore material) in the shape of sassy shorter dresses in shocking pink, turquoise and citrus.

Those sherbet-inspired shades popped up a lot last night, with Arthur Galan AG sending a lemon yellow maxi-dress down the runway, Alice Euphemia joining in with a Magdalena Velevska number in lime, and Manning Cartell responding with a midriff top tricked out with tufts of bubblegum pink raffia. 

Shorts are another trend to keep in mind as the weather heats up - Thurley showed a bedazzled version with a matching blazer in pink and metallic brocade, while Life With Bird offered a long-sleeved jumpsuit style in lilac and Manning Cartell presented digital print options. 

Speaking of shorts - and of lace - the guys got in on the action at the Lhords show over at Collection 3056, a Pozible-funded parade by eight Brunswick designers. Hot pink or floral-printed stretch lace is not something most guys have in mind when they shop for smalls for themselves, but Lhords might just make them think differently. 

Topped off with clear plastic capes, the models showed off male lingerie in the form of cheeky briefs, formfitting singlets and leggings - all in lace, and all surprisingly masculine when paired with a liberal dose of attitude. A Twitter follower responding to my excited tweets on finding such attractive male lingerie told me (and Wikipedia confirms this) that the meaning of "lingerie" in its original French encompasses undergarments for both genders. Not that I'm implying that Gallic guys get around in lacy next-to-nothings like the ladies wear, but part of the French national motto is "equality", after all (I get the feeling that the other two elements, "liberty" and "fraternity" could also somehow apply to jocks and Y-fronts, although I don't want to think about that too much). 

So if Frenchmen do indeed have a holier than thou attitude to underwear, with the rest of the world following France when it comes to fashion, could it just be a matter of time until Aussie gents go Gallic and embrace lace?

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