Stool Pigeon: Dive in to the Beaufort

Any pub that proudly puts Stone’s ginger wine on the menu is OK by me. Stones and draught was my drink of choice at uni. It was cheap, tasty and got you hammered – the only three things that mattered at the time. One IT student in my dorm even drank so much he built a partioning wall out of empty Stones bottles in his room.

Liver-killing memories like this came flooding back when I entered the Stones and rum lovin’ Beaufort in Carlton. It’s got a piratey/high seas theme but is otherwise just a good local with garage on the juke, candlelight on the tables and US diner food on the menu (apparently that fad isn’t going anywhere).

On the night we visited blokes were holding up the bar just like any other local, chowing down on deep-fried pickles and mammoth burgers while Iggy and the Stooges played on the jukebox. Nice.

The owners plan to get live music happening and I hope they do because a messy night of Dark & Stormys (rum, ginger beer, lime), Whisky Macs (Stones and whisky) and dirty rock sounds like my perfect night out.

The man behind the bar is Dave Kerr, ex Seamstress/Sweatshop restaurant and bar, and also a bar writer for Broadsheet. You’ve got to respect a man who lets you carve your name, or whatever obsenity you like, into the bar.

A poster on the wall says: “Soup of the Day: beer’’. One of the beer taps is a pirate ship, another a chainsaw blade, another an empty Stones bottle. Someone has carved “Slayer’’ and “rum and your Mum’’ into the bar and tacky nautical knick-knacks are everywhere. Got the idea? Yep, only open a few months and already a dive bar. In summary: I wish it was my local.

The Beaufort, 421 Rathdowne Street, Carlton. Call 9347 8171

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