Lunch for under $15: Pok Pok Street Food

The lowdown: You can almost hear the heavens open and the angels start to sing at the arrival of this hip warehouse space pumping out spicy south Asian dishes and quality coffee to the starving Docklands worker bees. The expansive menu is split into categories such as “something light” (herby, hot and sour salads), “something small” (satays and dumplings) and “to warm the belly”, which covers rich curries, noodles and stir fries, with nothing over $14.50.

The highpoint: The Krapow Gai Kai Dow – chilli basil chicken with a mound of white rice topped with a fried egg (pictured)  –makes a chaotic, colourful and altogether scoffable lunch - especially with a cold Chang beer. 

The scene: It opened less than two months ago and the place is already mobbed with the various Docklands wildlife - most notably office groups sitting elbow to elbow at the large share tables. 

The X factor: It’s a bit like city hot-spot Chin Chin has come to the Docklands, right down to the double-barrelled name. 

The knowledge: The La Marzocco coffee machine grinds Sensory Lab beans from a café counter at the entrance, and also offers bargain-priced rice paper rolls, quick wraps and Western breakfast fare. 

The details: 801 Bourke Street, Docklands, call 9620 4580. Open Monday–Wednesday, 6.30am–5pm, Thursday 6.30am–9pm, Friday 6.30am–9.30pm

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