The Grid: Matteo Bruno

Matteo Bruno, owner of the Meatball & Wine Bar, tells us where he goes to ..... 

Get some culture: I’ll go anywhere where I can find Italians or Greeks making anything home made, whether it’s salami, pasta or pastries!

Buy something new: Pretty much anywhere. I’m a victim of compulsive shopping so I’ll buy anything from clothes to gadgets and everything in between – any time, anywhere. 

Want to keep a secret: There’s a spot in the Botanic Gardens that is quite special. Perfect grass and an incredible tree frame this not-so-secret spot where my dog Hero and I hang out from time to time.

Go to relax: I’ll often head down to the Docklands at night with my dog and go fishing off the piers. The only thing I have to think about is catching fish. 

Unleash your inner child: The cinema. After dinner I’ll make my way to the Kino cinema (45 Collins Street, call 9650 2100) and catch the latest flick. 

Indulge yourself: Food is my biggest indulgence so I pretty much indulge myself every day on whatever food I can find. David Jones food court (310 Bourke Street, call 9643 2222) is the usual place where I’ll get my fix of hams and cured meats. 

Spend your last $10: I’d probably buy four boreks from the borek stall at the Queen Victoria Market (513 Elizabeth Street, call 9320 5822). I’d eat three and give one to someone special. 

Stay up late: Siglo (161 Spring Street, call 9654 6631), one of my favourite places. 

Take someone you want to impress: I’ll take them for a walk at night around Melbourne CBD and stop by whichever bar or restaurant looks happening at the time.

Go on your own: I like sitting solo at the Journal Cafe (253 Flinders Lane, call 9650 4399) on a Sunday with newspaper and coffee. 

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