Evolution: Instead of taking photos of the food, try eating it

THERE should be a no-phone policy at the dinner table. No tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Flickring, Googling, texting, sexting – just stop! Instead of conversing with virtual friends, why not try conversing with actual friends? Instead of taking photos of the food, try eating it. 

Last week when the iPhone 5 landed, @funnyordie tweeted “the new iPhone 5 is going to revolutionize the way you ignore friends when you hang out”. How apt. 

Dining etiquette and social protocol are in the midst of an upheaval due to technology and social media, and we’re all part of the problem. 

So, apologies that you haven’t already heard via my Twitter feed about the latest bao store in the CBD (complete with Instagrammed pic of steaming bao), but I left my phone at home. 

Bao Now is the latest little gem to open on Hardware Street specialising in those wonderful Chinese pockets of doughy goodness – baozi or bao (steamed buns made using yeast). Bao Now is bucking the traditional though, pulling flavours from all corners of the globe and utilising the bao as a showcase. You’re more likely to find Nutella, cheesecake, buffalo chicken or Mexican carnita in bao over the more conventional. Some flavours work, some don’t. 

For those opposed to a steaming bready bun, there are the much lighter lettuce cup bao versions that were my personal favourites. Try the flavours of Thai chicken or Moroccan tagine in a lettuce cup to go. Or perch outside on the orange stools and relive that last holiday sojourn whilst sipping coconut water. 

I’d show you a photo of my Moroccan lettuce bao but I got so carried away with life I forgot to capture it on camera. Sorry, social media. 

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