Preview: Kitty Bang - Live to Tell


Where: The Tuxedo Cat,

335 Flinders Lane, CBD

When: October 9 and 11-13

Call: 9660 9666


Kate Boston Smith rocks out her alter ego, the sassy, brassy Kitty Bang, for another dose of high-octane diva delivery next week, finding love in hopeless places.

Storming the Melbourne Fringe Festival pop-up venue, The Tuxedo Cat, located in a disused English language school on Flinders Lane, Kitty’s out to take back traditional dating and reject online and GPS-located love hunts.

“Let’s go back to basics and use old technology, like your face, talking to people,” Smith demands, laughing. “The show’s all about how we navigate through the real and the cyber worlds.”

While en route on a road trip with friends down the coast, Smith tried out the location-based mobile dating app Blendr at the behest of her friends. Her gay brothers had already exposed her to their version, Grindr. Initially excited, she downloaded the app, filled out her personal info and staged an impromptu photo shoot for her profile picture. She soon lost faith, though.

“The first person who contacted me announced himself as a dom master looking for a subservient mistress,” she splutters. “I couldn’t believe what he said. I got very prudish!”

To make matters worse, the same guy then contacted her gay mate. “Must have been a slow day,” Smith hoots.

Hence why the new Kitty Bang show is all about sharing a little old fashioned romance. “We connect best face to face, when you feel that spark organically. The message of the show is, let’s be bold and daring out in the real world, say hello and act upon those moments.”

Kitty came into creation back in 2009, and Smith says she shares many of her sensibilities, but Kitty allows her to play faster and looser. “She’s the female equivalent of Peter Pan. She just wants to find adventure and have a good time. She’s very cheeky. Obviously I do have this energy, and she gives me an avenue to pour that into, so I can be a normal human being in my real life.”

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